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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

University of Antwerp

  Research Topics
  • Topological categories in analysis and topology.
  • Approach theory, metrically generated theories, lax algebraic theories.
  • Applications in approximation theory, probability theory, statistics, functional analysis, hyperspace theory and domain theory
  • Cartesian closed, extensional and quasitopoi hulls of topological categories.
  • Frame theory and approach frame theory.
  Research Projects (since 2002)
  • FWO research project "A categorical approach to compactness and completeness" 2004-2006 (with E. Colebunders VUB)
  • FWO research project "Metrically generated theories" 2005-2010 (with E. Colebunders, VUB)
  • FWO postdoc project (Ben Berckmoes) "Approach theory in probability and statistics" with B. Berckmoes and G. Molenberghs (UHasselt) 2014-2017
  Editorial activities
  Research council activities
  • Member of the FWO (Flemish Research Council) Expertpanel Mathematical Sciences (WT1) (2010-2016)
  • External member for the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) Grant Review Committee
  • External referee for the South African NRF
  Research Team Analytical and Topological Structures

Team Leader:
    Robert Lowen
    University of Antwerp
    Departement of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Middelheimlaan 1
    2020 Antwerp
    Tel.&Fax: + 32 3 265 32 92
    E-mail: bob.lowen@uantwerpen.be
Research members:
  • Ben Berckmoes, Post Doctoral Fellow(FWO)
  • Sevda Sagiroglu, Post Doctoral Researcher (University of Ankara)
  • Nieves Blasco, Post Doctoral Visiting Member (University of Bilbao)
  • Piet Wuyts, Professor Emeritus
  • Marcel van de Vel, Professor Emeritus V. U. Amsterdam, vrijwillig medewerker
  • Jan Van Casteren, Professor Emeritus
Former Research Members:
  • P. Maes, Doctoral Research Assistant (PhD 1987)
  • R. Baekeland, Doctoral Research Assistant (PhD 1992)
  • C. Robeys, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Research Assistant (PhD 1992)
  • B. Windels, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Research Assistant(FWO) (PhD 1997)
  • M. Sioen, Doctoral and Post doctoral Research Assistant (FWO) (PhD 1997)
  • Werner Peeters, Teaching assistant (PhD 1998)
  • F. Verbeeck, Doctoral Research Assistant (PhD 2000)
  • M. Nauwelaerts, Doctoral Research Assistant (FWO) (PhD 2000)
  • C. Van Olmen, Doctoral Research Assistant (FWO) (PhD 2005)
  • S. Verwulgen, Post Doctoral Research assistant (PhD 2003)
  • A. Van Geenhoven, Doctoral Researcher (FWO) (PhD 2010)
  • W. Rosiers, Doctoral Researcher (FWO)
  • Tom Vroegrijk, Post Doctoral Research Assistant (PhD 2011)
  • S. Apteker, Post Doctoral Teaching Assistant
  • E. Soetens, Senior Teaching Assistant

  • B. Banaschewski (McMaster University, Canada) December 2007, May 2008, May 2009, September 2010, June 2011, September 2012, September 2014
  • S. Sagiroglu (University of Ankara, Turkey) February -August 2012, January-February 2015
Former Visitors:
  • H. P. Kunzi (South Africa)
  • H. C. Reichel (Austria)
  • Luo Maokang (China)
  • J. Lawson (USA)
  • S. Dolecki (France)
  • F. Mynard (USA)
  • Yoon J. Lee (S. Korea)
  • H. K. Lee (S. Korea)
  • H. L. Bentley (USA)
  • P. J. Collins (UK)
  • M. Erne (Germany)
  • E. Giuli (Italy)
  • G. M. Kelly (Australia)
  • D. C. Kent (USA)
  • G. Preuss (Germany)
  • D. Pumplun (Germany)
  • G. E. Strecker (USA)
  • A. K. Srivastava (India)
  • R. C. Steinlage (USA)
  • D. Vaughan (UK)
  • Xu Luoshan (China)
  • P. Eklund (Sweden)
  • C. Carlsson (Finland)
  • Z. Szabo (Hungary)
  • L. D. Nel (Canada)
  • M. Mares (Czechia)
  • D. Hofmann (Portugal)
  • A. Pultr (Czechia)
  • H. Herrlich (Germany)
  Guest Editorial Activities (since 2002)
    The special issue of Topology and its Applications devoted to the December 2003 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology I" (editors: M. Husek, H.-P. Kunzi, R. Lowen, W. Tholen) appeared in September 2006, Volume 153 issue 16.
        The special issue of Applied Categorical Structures devoted to the December 2005 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology II" (editors: M. Husek, H.-P. Kunzi, E. Colebunders, W. Tholen) appeared in December 2007, Volume 15 issues 5-6
          The special issue of Topology and its Applications devoted to the December 2007 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology III" (editors: M. Husek, H.-P. Kunzi, M. Sioen, W. Tholen) appeared July 2009, Volume 156 issue 12.
            The special issue of Topology and its Applications devoted to the December 2009 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology IV" (editors: E. Colebunders, M. Husek, R. Lowen, W. Tholen) appeared April 2011, Volume 158 issue 7.
              A special issue of Topology and its Applications devoted to the September 2014 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology V" (editors: R. Lowen, M. Sioen) will appear in 2015.
                  Seminars/Conferences (since 2002)
                • Aspects of Contemporary Topology I, International Conference UA and VUB, December 2003, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen, M. Sioen)
                • Aspects of Contemporary Topology II, International Conference UA and VUB, December 2005, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen, M. Sioen)
                • Monoidal Topology I, Workshop Barisciano, Italy, April 2006
                • Monoidal Topology II, Workshop Antwerp, December 2006, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen)
                • Monoidal Topology III, Workshop Antwerp, June 2007, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen)
                • Aspects of Contemporary Topology III, International Conference UA and VUB, December 2007, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen, M. Sioen, S. Verwulgen)
                • Advances in Set Theoretic Topology , Erice, Sicily, June 2008
                • Aspects of Contemporary Topology IV, International Conference UA and VUB, December 2009, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen, M. Sioen)
                • Algebra meets topology: advances and applications, Conference in Honor of Dikran Dikranjan on his 60th birthday, Barcelona, Spain, 19-23 July, 2010
                • Conference in Honor of Gerhard Preuss's 70th birthday, Berlin, 4-7 May, 2011
                • Conference on Multivalued analysis and topology, Varenna, Italy, 18-22 July, 2011
                • Workshop on Category Theory, Coimbra, Portugal, 9-13 July, 2012
                • Aspects of Contemporary Topology V, International Conference UA and VUB (Organizers: R. Lowen, M. Sioen, G. Sonck), Brussels, 3-5 September, 2014

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